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All About Old Window Art

About Old Window ArtOld Window Art began in 2003 with my love of painting and gardening.  I am a self-taught artist from Yuma, Arizona and graduate of University of Arizona with a B.A in Tele-Communications. Active in the arts, I am a member of the Drawing Studio, and Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, along with Tucson Botanical Gardens. You will find my Old Window Art only at select stores, galleries, art & craft shows, and on-line at www.oldwindowart.com.

About Old Window ArtI discovered Permanent Acrylic beautiful and workable on a difficult surface like window glass.  Many of my art subjects come from my own garden as well as the Arizona desert and mountains, and my travels across the country. Barns are another favorite painting subject.  I come from a long family history of farmers, first in Alabama and finally in Yuma.   My father was awarded a homestead in Yuma in the late 40’s.  I  am used to wide open spaces.  A  window is necessary for light and fresh air.  A Painted window can give you a view!

About Old Window ArtPlus I recycle.  I take an obsolete old window and turn it into a work of art.  My windows are carefully collected from all around the country.   The window is my canvas, yet its size and shape, wear and tear is as important to the finished work as the painting itself.  Some window frames (the sash) I paint, others I leave untouched, showing the beauty of the natural wood grain and color.  I particularly like hardware on an old window.  It shows the original mechanics of a past era, still used today.   All of this adds to the character of the piece.   I let the diva of each window speak to me. The paintings are finished and sealed so the window can be hung outside as well as inside.

About Old Window ArtI strive not to repeat the same painting.  This is original work, not mass production   My work has been featured at the Tucson Botanical Garden’s former Art al Fresco and Gallery Shows including the University of Arizona’s Campus Christian Center.    My painted windows are presently available in the Garden Art Gallery at Harlow Gardens.  Harlow’s is one of the oldest, most respected nurseries in Tucson.


Is your old window in my inventory?   Call me today 520-850-5644, or email info@oldwindowart.com and let’s discuss what you would like in your painting!

Please review my portfolio for a sample of paintings I have done and for price points. Most are sold.  Please contact me for any available inventory, or make an appointment to review my old windows to paint.  I always keep a good variety for custom work.  

Thank you for your interest in a unique piece of art.          Sandra

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